Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m a recognised expert in UX, research, digital psychology and human behaviour. I love finding out what goes on in people’s minds and exploring how they really behave, so that I can help businesses to make better decisions and build successful products.

When you work with me, you don’t need to worry about anything. I’ll handle every part of the process (including difficult stakeholders!). With my experience and credibility, I’ll make you look good.

Not sure what you need?

You’re not alone, don’t worry. Most people who come to me, know their business would benefit from my input but they’re not sure exactly what they need, when they need it, how it’s done and how it will fit within their process. I can help with the initial scoping so you can see the best approach and the best fit solutions for your project(s), timeline and budget.

Management and strategy consultancy

As a business, you know you could benefit from being more user centred, but you lack the senior resources, team or UX experience. You know you’d benefit from someone who has many years of experience with leading brands, who knows what works and who can recommend the best approach for your business.

Research services

I am an expert level researcher, with over 20 years experience conducting interviews, analysing data, creating reports, presenting back to the business up to CEOs, and working with the team on design changes. I provide full research (including user recruitment, incentive payments, lab rental, software/tech) and work on a project basis, which makes it easier for you as I can manage the whole project without the risk of relying on third parties.

Priceless! Lisa has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, flexible, and helpful. She guided us through the project seamlessly and her expert analysis of the raw data was extremely insightful, providing us with highly implementable ways to improve what we do and grow our business as a result. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa.

Tara Barton

Design reviews

Do you just need someone to look over your website or app, tell you where you need to improve and recommend the changes you need to make? I’ve worked with UX design teams of major brands to advise of the changes they need to implement to improve their experiences. I also apply PET (persuasion, emotion, trust) principles, and everything i’ve learnt about human behaviour to know what will influence the end user’s behaviour.

How can I help you?