Behaviour insights: How has lockdown effected Voice and Connected TV usage?

Voice during lockdown

  • In the UK, more than half of voice assisted owners increased their usage (voxly).
  • In south Korea, the number of conversations people are having with voice assistants has increased by nearly 40% (mediatel).
  • In the US, 36% of smart speaker owners are listening to more music, entertainment and information and this is higher for 18-34 year olds (52%) (smart audio).

Connected TV during lockdown

  • When people stay at home because of disruptive events, their media consumption increases by nearly 60% (Nielsen data analysis, Variety)
  • BBC iplayer viewer numbers have increased by 61% year on year (BBC)
  • In the UK, there has been an estimated 4.6 million signups to subscription video on demand (SVOD) services (The Guardian)

The future

  • Growth of voice is expected to increase up to an estimated 8 billion digital voice assistants in use by 2023 (Juniper research)
  • Connected TV is estimated to increase by 82% by 2023 (The Drum, Innovid) 

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