The Clever Little Bag

I just love the amazing design of this new style shoebox by Puma. Most of my shoeboxes are really dull, boring and seriously oversized for the contents. Not only does this new design function well and look cool, it’s easier for the customer to carry and might I add hurts less (doesn’t it hurt when that sharp corner of the box in the carrier bag hits your leg whilst you’re walking?). It’s also economical and saves on packaging so is very eco-friendly and no doubt will save Puma a vast amount of money to produce.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all companies put this much thought and love into their designs? I’m almost tempted to buy a pair of Pumas now (you see how this works? 😉 when you build great user experiences, people will be attracted to your business, it’s a bit like karma, it pays to care about your users)

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