Happy Halloween! Want a free wallpaper?

Happy halloween! Trick or treat you say? Ok then, here’s a great treat for you! It’s a fun, free spooky halloween wallpaper for your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile phone. I’ve got this on my Android Galaxy S and it looks fab! 🙂

free halloween mobile wallpaper

One thought on “Happy Halloween! Want a free wallpaper?

  1. Pooja Sharma says:

    In the fast-paced world with the intention of we live in, cell phones are provisions that help us get all the way through the modern existence with much ease, ornamental the quality of our lifestyles. However these gadgets have constantly been known for their functionality, they could also convey out the pleasurable in every person from first to last getting resourceful and entertained with free mobile wallpapers, free mobile tones and even free mobile game downloads.


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