The best, portable, free umbrella stand of all time!

Whilst walking down the street yesterday in Manchester, I spotted a man carrying an umbrella. Nothing unusual about that you’re thinking. However, this guy is an ergonomist in the making having invented his own unique hands free method of umbrella carrying! Check out the photo below… he placed the hook of the umbrella on the back collar of his coat! Ingenious!


Hands are free to do other things, eg, shopping

Hands can be put in the coat pockets to keep warm

Umbrella is behind you so is not obstructive

Looks awesome (thanks to @MarkSkinner_ for this one!)

Makes other people smile 🙂


Could be easily stolen

May damage the collar of certain coats

Won’t be pleasant once the umbrella has been used and is wet!

May forget it’s there and end up sitting on it (lol) or accidentally hitting someone with it

umbrella brolly usability ergonomics

In contrast to Mark’s Pro of looking awesome, we have ‘looking a bit of a tit’ from @PeteWilliams

What do you think?

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