Facebook iPhone App FAIL

Oh dear… Facebook have gone and done it again… they’ve upset their users once again! This happens so often it makes you wonder if it’s a deliberate marketing ploy to make the news (even if it’s bad news).

It seems they’ve only had one engineer working on the iPhone Facebook app and the latest version has been released with numerous major bugs that have really pissed off their users. So much so, that tens of thousands of iPhone owners around the world have been posting one star reviews on the app store. They include comments about its ‘diabolical”, “rubbish” and “awful” recent performance.

Roughly half of all iPhone and iPod touch users have the Facebook app. Last year, Mark Zuckerberg claimed that mobile was his top priority for 2011. You’d think he’d put more than one person on the case then wouldn’t you?

Facebook have apparently declined to comment on this latest mistake, which just makes it worse. The best companies admit their mistakes, apologise, gain more respect for doing so and learn not to mess up again.

It seems to me that Facebook act in many ways as though they can ‘do no wrong’. Let’s see what happens with Google+ shall we. The users will revolt Zuckerberg, don’t think for one second that you’re immune!

This quote from one user, I believe is just the start:

“I’m glad to see the new Google+ app is now on the iPhone … This means we don’t need Facebook anymore.”

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