What’s on my desk

Just for fun and because it’s a Sunday I thought i’d share with you what’s on my desk right now. Hope you find it interesting! Here we go:


You’ve probably noticed the cat deliberately lying right in the way of me attempting to do any work (he’s still here now and i’m leaning over him to type this!). If he’s not on the table, he’s sat on my chair (literally as soon as my bum is off it, his bum is on it). It’s all some part of his grand scheme that no doubt encompasses opposable thumbs too…

iMac and MacBook

Yes i’m a Mac girl. They’re so much easier to use and last a hell of a lot longer than Windows machines. I used to go through a computer a year, seriously. Plus there would be lots of time wasted on trying to fix missing .DLL files, viruses, annoying random popups…

My MacBook which was my first Apple computer has now lasted about 3 years so although you may think they’re more expensive, in my opinion their reliability and longevity far outperforms other computers, which makes them the best value for money.


I’ve built up a number of Moleskines now, my latest being the red one on the right. I just love the way they lay open flat without you constantly having to fight them and bend the spine, as with other notebooks. If you’ve not heard of them they’re the notebooks that greats like van Gogh and Picasso used to use, the implication being that you’ll be as great as they were if you use Moleskines 😉 They really are quality frustration-free notebooks. Anything that aids the flow of creativity is a good thing in my opinion.

Oh thank God the cat’s finally moved to the side!

Starbucks mug and vanilla coffee

I find it really strange that people in the digital industry and geeks in general are forever going on about coffee on Twitter, blogs, their websites, etc. However here I am about to do the same! I swear coffee tastes better from a Starbucks mug – there’s satisfaction gained from the big handle and thick build quality. This mug would hands down beat other mugs in a fight! My favourite coffee is vanilla filter coffee from Whittards. It tastes only slightly of vanilla (not sweet, no sugar) and smells divine. Make this and suddenly everyone in the office will want to be your friend.

Cat Loves website

This is a site I created very recently just for fun because I love cats and wanted to try out some illustration work too. If it becomes popular that will be an added bonus so please share the link www.catloves.com if you know anyone who might enjoy browsing through all the cute cat pics and videos on there.

Cat ornament

I bought this whilst on holiday in Thailand several years ago now. I just think it’s cute 🙂 By the way if you’ve not been to Thailand, make sure you do at some point. It’s amazing!

Filing stuff

A trip to Ikea a couple of weeks ago, ended in purchasing these filing trays and stands. Actually I also bought this office chair (not in the picture) which is surprisingly comfy for only £59!

P.S This is where Ramos is now… it’s so considerate of him to move to the side so I can type.



2 thoughts on “What’s on my desk

  1. jahim says:

    I’m sitting at my desk, reading your blog, my kettle boils, I get up to make a cup of tea in a thick handled mug and my black and white cat jumps straight on my chair as soon as I leave it. We must remember – they are not OUR chairs, oh no, quite the opposite!

  2. usabilitygal says:

    You’re right, it’s definitely HIS chair. He’s now started using the back of it as a scratching post to get my attention. No wonder he loves it – scratch post one side, comfy cushion to sleep on on the other… perfect cat furniture 😉

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