The first usability book I ever bought

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For a while now i’ve been wondering where my old favourite usability book was, then whilst I was clearing out an old box of books I found it! Christine Faulkner’s The Essence of Human-Computer Interaction. It was the first usability book I bought when I was at uni and it remained my favourite right up until I discovered Steve Krugg.

It’s a little dated now, however it’s still brilliant. It has all the basics you need to know, it reads easily and being a thin book it’s great as a quick reference tool. I always preferred to sit down and read it compared to the heavy going Jenny Preece and Alan Dix HCI books that were around when I was at uni!

Although it’s 13 years old, it’s still a good read, especially for the beginner and you can pick it up from just 78p on Amazon! Bargain!

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