What to Expect in 2010: UX/UI Design Simplicity

I recommend you have a read of this article by WebDesignerWall if you’re interested in UX trends for 2010. I particularly agree with every site having a mobile version. I’ve thought for a while now that mobile is going to be the biggest access point for the internet in the very near future. The only thing stopping this was screen sizes and cost but we have seen a huge improvement in the last year on both of these in the form of touchscreen phones and flat rate unlimited data price plans. I love the ‘Clean and simple’ point too, but that goes without saying 😉

Here are the 2010 trends the article discusses:

– Clean and simple

– Single page websites

– Sliders

– Modal boxes

– Smart navigation and taskbars

– Text as the new image

– Larger page layouts

– Mobile version of every site

– eCommerce tweaker shopping

– Smart forms

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