How Personality Can Predict Media Usage

Just read this really interesting article on how our personality may be a better predictor of our media usage than standard focus group tests. 

Here is one example of a ‘dynamic person’:

“Dynamic people don’t watch TV… are 50% more likely to watch less TV than the average person and are 59% more likely than the average person to watch less than an hour of TV daily. Dynamic people are also 45% more likely to buy movie tickets online and 26% more likely to describe themselves as Mac people. “The lesson here is that if your core target is really dynamic, open and assertive, TV may not be the best place to reach them.”

It seems I’m dynamic as I only have a few tv programmes that I must watch (Lost, The Apprentice, Come Dine With Me), I prefer to buy cinema tickets online so I can walk right past the long queue of people waiting in line and I am definitely an Apple fan. So bearing this in mind, the TV is definitely not a good place to advertise to me. In fact, most often I haven’t got a clue about adverts as I never watch them – I’d rather skip channels. 

Read the article and see which category you fall into!

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