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Whilst drinking my morning coffee and carrying out my internet browse ritual, I came across a great site called This site is full of amazing real and concept creative products pulled from across the web into one place. If you’re looking for inspiration or just looking to be entertained by clever designs, this is the place for you.

Being an Apple fanatic, my personal favourite is the ’10 Beautiful Apple iPhone Concept Designs’ page. The transparent phone looks awesome but still too large for my liking. One of the downsides of the iPhone for me is the grip it requires to use. As a woman with woman hands I find it too bulky to hold securely. If it had a smaller width or if it went on a diet to become a bit thinner, it would enable me to gain a more secure power grip on it, to use comfortably and confidently one-handed.


Personally I would go for either the ‘iPhone Concept from Japan’ or the ‘iPhone with ichat Concept’ because they look like phones that I could actually use but they are still cool and stylish. Importantly, the large screen size is also retained for watching videos and browsing the net.


And if you missed it last year, take a look at these concept designs and watch the youtube video at the bottom of the page. Fun fun fun!


For all you fellow coffee lovers you must check out the ’24 Modern Mugs and Creative Mug Designs’ page. There are some amazing designs that are purely fun but also some really well thought out ergonomic designs too. I really like the Me cup:

The cup has empty chambers in its wall to prevent burns and to isolate the hot liquid. The cup comes with a saucer, which also has its role to play because it can be transformed in a lid to keep the heat inside and serves as a locking system to stack and store them on top of each other – Nice!!!


And finally, check out the ’14 Creative Advertisements’. There is great one by 3M who chose to advertise their unbreakable security glass by placing hundreds of dollar notes inside the glass at a bus stop. What a unique and brave idea! Well I thought so until I found out that:

‘Actually, it was only $500 of real currency stacked on top of fake money, and people could only use their feet to try to break it. A security guard was present to make sure no one broke the rules and that people couldn’t get to keep the money if they broke it’.

Suddenly their unbreakable glass is not sounding so unbreakable anymore…


2 thoughts on “Creative Designs (

  1. Sam says:

    Interesting concepts for sure. The whole transparent thing seems slightly silly given that you would probably always want a solid background so you could actually read the thing. Does look cool though. I have heard some internet gossip about a possible ‘iphone nano’ in the works, so maybe if that come to fruition you’ll get your wish for a more compact version?

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