Idou… do u? Sony Ericsson Smartphone announced

Today, I logged in to my work pc to see a mail telling me that one of our smartphone babies has now been announced – hurrah! 🙂 This is the first Sony Ericsson S60 touch tablet device. The big news that they’ve worked very hard to keep secret is the 12mp camera. For a long time we have all pretended that this is 8mp (any flash demos had to have the mp changed from 12 to 8 just in case they got leaked). The name Idou is new to us, we had a secret project name for this phone until today. It will be given another new name, more in keeping with Sony Ericsson release models when it comes onto the market. 

My part in the project was sole responsibility of the hardware usability and joint responsibility for the software usability. The Standby UI that you see on the demo videos was usability tested by me using good old laminated paper prototyping methods with our fabulous local user base. 

Sadly this is the last Sony Ericsson phone I can put my name to as the Manchester site will be closing and my redundancy date is drawing ever closer. I will try and post more details for you on the Idou once we have the ‘all clear’. For now though, I hope you enjoy these videos:

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