Show text visually with Wordle


Wordle result

The above image was created using a site called Wordle, that enables you to represent text in a more visual and fun way. I was able to type in the url of this blog to have a Wordle automatically generated.  After customising the font type and colours, within a few minutes I had created my first Wordle! The larger words are those which appear most frequently in the blog and because each Wordle is formed from different word sources, each one creates its own unique shape. What’s really interesting about these is the quick overview it provides – in just a few seconds you get a good feel for what my blog is about (and I can see which things I’ve harped on about the most so far).
Usability issues? Sure there were some:
– Menu lists stay open even when you try to select away from them.
– The screen seems to refresh a lot, causing an odd flashing effect when you scroll.
– Changing properties like the font type refreshes the Wordle, including it’s shape unfortunately. There is no way to say ‘I want to keep this exact shape but just change the font type’.
– No way to export your Wordle. I had to print screen to get it.
– No way to quickly go back to your list of words to add/edit them. You have to start all over again.
Wordle is still a relatively young site, so I’m sure they’ll get round to fixing some of these in the near future. It’s still easy, quick and fun to make your first Wordle. Have a go!

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