Luv my Macbook

Ok my macbook isn’t spraypainted red, but I have to give it credit for being the best computer I have ever purchased. It has made me go ‘Wow!’ which to be honest I’m not even sure had happened between me and a computer before. I find screencapture really useful and the ability to drag and drop practically everything makes things so easy and quick. The universal search function is a godsend. I could take up a lot more lines talking about all of it’s amazing features but let me tell you a bit about why I converted.

I had a Windows Vista laptop before my mac and I had it only about 8 months before it unfortunately started to behave like all my other ex-windows machines, annoying me every time I logged on to carry out updates, virus checks, etc, etc. Then Windows Media decided it would only play the sound and not the visuals of any video files (no matter how many times I followed the link and installed the file required). I always felt it was an uphill struggle using Windows and Vista was a massive disappointment (just trying to do a shut down was so difficult to find! – how many ways do you need to turn a computer off??). So I welcomed my mac with open arms and hoped it would make my computer life much easier. It definitely has and I continue to be more and more impressed the longer I use it. Totally the opposite of my experience with Windows!

One thought on “Luv my Macbook

  1. Mischa McLachlan says:

    Excellent first post! i’d love to hear more about all the usability differences and things you’ve discovered in your first 8 months being on a mac. What works well, what do you think apple could still improve upon. perhaps a future blog post.

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